Essa CAO Resigns After 24 Years

UTOPIA – February 1, 2024 – CAO, Colleen Healey-Dowdall has announced that she is leaving her employment with the Township of Essa.

“Council and Staff of the Township of Essa would like to congratulate our former CAO, Colleen Healey-Dowdall on her new position as a Justice of the Peace with the Government of Ontario.” Mayor Sandie Macdonald commented, adding that “We thank Colleen for her dedication and loyalty as an employee of the Township of Essa for 24 years; 19 years as the Manager of Planning and the past 5 years as our CAO.

Colleen will be an asset in her new position. All of us at the Township of Essa wish Colleen well on her new career path with the Government of Ontario.


Mayor Sandie Macdonald


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