Business Improvment Area

The Business Improvement Area (BIA) Board of Management is selected by members of the Business Improvement Area by vote, which is followed by a formal appointment of Council for a four year term.  The Board is comprised of four members from the designated BIA boundary who are current business owners and/or commercial tenants within the designated BIA area, in addition to one member of Council who is appointed to sit on the Board. 

  • To work as a line of communication between businesses and the Township of Essa Council, while encouraging Council to pursue ​policies and initiatives to promote the business improvement area; and
  • To cooperatively work with local business people with the support of the municipality to organize, finance and carry out improvement initiatives to increase the effectiveness and contribution to the economic, cultural and social well being of the community.
  • Marketing – Promote the businesses in order to expand and maintain a vibrant customer base
  • Streetscape and Beautification Improvements – Providing and implementing the appropriate changes in order to provide a more customer friendly and inviting area (including but not limited to lighting, signage, street furniture, planters, banners and sidewalk treatment).
  • Seasonal Decorations – Creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere using decorations that reflect various seasons, holidays and events. This is to include the planting of flowers and various plants in the spring time.
  • Special Events – Coordinate events that promote the uniqueness of the improvement area in order to increase customer visits. 

​For information on when and where the Committee meets, contact ​​ ​

​If your business falls within the Angus BIA's area you may be eligible to become a member.  To become a member of the Angus BIA, check out the area map, fill out the form below and em​ail it to

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