Parking in Essa is regulated through its Parking By-law.

Street Parking

It is wise to view the posted parking signs before you park on a street to ensure that street parking is permitted.  Parking is regulated on certain streets during specific times.  

Parking Restrictions

It is always important to abide by parking and traffic control signs.  If you don't follow the restrictions and regulations, you may receive a fine and/or a tow.  No person can stop, stand or park a vehicle in the following places:

  • on a sidewalk or boulevard
  • within 3 metres of a point in the edge of a roadway
  • within 9 metres of a fire hydrant 
  • in front of, or within, three metres of a public or private driveway
  • on private property without permission
  • within 9 metres of an intersection
  • on or within 3 metres of a crosswalk
  • on any bridge or approaches
  • double parked beside another vehicle
  • in a way that blocks the removal of another vehicle
  • so as to interfere with snow removal operations (regardless of time)

Essa's Parking By-law aims to alleviate road congestion by restricting the ​parking of commercial vehicles, large motor vehicles, heavy motor vehicles and trailers to a maximum of 5 hours, regardless of signage. Section 13 of By-Law 2005-96​ sets out provisions for parking of commercial, large motor vehicle, heavy motor vehicle and trailers on residential roads.

If you would like to report a parking issue to our Municipal Law Enforcement Officers, kindly complete and submit the online Report an Issue form.  Our Officers will receive your online submission and will conduct patrols to monitor the situation.

Essa has implemented seasonal parking restrictions to allow for snowplows to clear the roadways.  Parking is prohibited on streets and highways between the ​hours of 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. from November 1st to May 1st each calendar year. This restriction allows for snow plowing operations to remain uninterrupted. Vehicles parked on the roadway during the restricted time period may be ticketed and/or towed away.​

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