Fire Department

The Township of Essa Fire Department consists of a Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief, and an Administrative Assistant, and operates with approximately 54 Volunteer Firefighters.

The Department is housed in two locations - one in Angus, and one in Thornton.

Mission Statement

Essa's Fire Department is committed to providing protection to persons and property through the provision of an efficient and effective fire service, and contribute to public safety through a range of programs including inspections and education designed to protect lives and property from the adverse effects caused from sudden emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by persons or nature. 

The Fire Department values integrity, dedication and care in meeting the public safety needs of our communities, and supports working cooperatively with other organizations and establishing partnerships that promote excellence and innovation in the areas of education, legislation, standards setting and efficient services.


The goal of the Fire Department is to provide the municipality with efficient and effective fire protection services, promote professionalism within the service, provide programs to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants, and strive to ensure that our fire service demonstrates value in the communities that we serve while utilizing responsible management practices; first, to the municipality; second, to those municipalities requiring assistance through authorized mutual aid program activities; third, to those municipalities which are provided fire protection by the Fire Department via authorized agreement(s).

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