Zoning Compliance Letters

Zoning Compliance Letters

To request a zoning compliance letter, please provide your written request using of the following methods:

Please be advised that an agent authorization and/or proof of ownership is required and should accompany the request for a Zoning Compliance Letter.

  • Mail to drop of to: Township of Essa - 5786 County Road 21, Utopia, ON, L0M1T0
  • Fax to 705-424-2367
  • Email your request to plan@essatownship.on.ca

Please be advised that there is a fee associated with a Zoning Compliance Letter.  Please see our Schedule of Fees in order to make your payment.


Please be advised that the fee for a zoning compliance letter is required to be paid prior to the issuance of a zoning compliance letter.  Please see our Schedule of Fees for more information.

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