68 Gold Park

Ward: 1

Applicant: Stone Mount Developments Inc.

Date of 1st Submission being “Deemed Complete”:

Subject: Zoning By-law Amendment (File No. Z14-19) and Draft Plan of Subdivision

Date of Public Meeting: TBD

Description of the original proposed development

The Zoning By-law Amendment is proposed to rezone the lands to ‘Residential, Medium Density, Townhome (R3) with Special Provisions (R3-X)’, ‘Community Commercial (C1)’ and ‘Open Space Park (OSP)’. Special Provisions are requested to provide site specific zoning standards that allow for relief of the minimum lot area requirements, minimum lot frontage requirements for the townhome dwellings, minimum front yard setbacks, minimum interior side yard setbacks, minimum rear yard setbacks, and maximum lot coverage requirements.

The Township is in receipt of materials intended to support the Application, which can be accessed by contacting the Township Planning Department.

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