Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Angus Class EA Addendum

The Township of Essa has initiated a Schedule B Class EA Addendum to the Angus Infrastructure Master Plan for water supply and storage solutions in Angus.

The Township completed an Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) for the Community of Angus in 2022, identifying preferred solutions for water and wastewater infrastructure to support development over the next 25 years. The Notice of Completion was filed on September 12, 2022. In order to facilitate the Township’s progression toward the implementation stage of the EA process for the preferred solutions, a Schedule B EA Addendum to the IMP is being conducted.

The purpose of the Schedule B Class EA Addendum is to verify the feasibility of the preferred water supply and storage solutions identified in the Angus IMP through further detailed background and field investigations. The proposed alternative solutions will be re-evaluated based on the additional information gathered through these investigations.

This study is being conducted in accordance with the Municipal Class EA process, a Schedule B activity as defined by the Municipal Engineers Association Class EA documentation. The Class EA process looks at potential environmental, cultural, and economic effects, develops alternatives, determines preferred measures, and incorporates mitigation methods. This type of EA includes public and agency consultation.

Project updates and notices will be posted on the Township’s website ( to inform the public of the Class EA’s progress. Residents and interested parties are encouraged to regularly visit the website to find out more about the Project.

If you have any questions or concerns, and/or would like to be added to the project mailing list, please contact one of the study representatives listed below via email.

Michael Mikael, P.Eng.                                    Josh Maitland, P. Eng.
Manager of Public Works                               Consultant Project Manager
Township of Essa                                              Greenland Consulting Engineers
Email:              Email: 

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