Notice of Preliminary Investigation

Pavement/Surface Treatment Solutions

This notice is to advise that the Township will be conducting a Preliminary Investigation for pavement/surface treatment solutions to generate potential capital costs to be utilized/presented to Council during the upcoming budget preparation years. The gravel section of the following roads will be affected:

  • 8th Line from the 5th Sideroad to the 10th Sideroad
  • 9th Line from County Road 21 to the 10th Sideroad
  • 11th Line from County Road 21 to the 20th Sideroad

In 2022, crews will be conducting the survey/design of the road allowance, tree cutting, minor ditching works and preliminary geotechnical for the road subsurface condition. Some work may result in minor property encroachment to your property.

Due to the anticipated works, crews will occupy a portion of the roadway for extended periods of time while on site and may require periodic full road closures. Emergency services, garbage collection and mail delivery will not be interrupted.

If your phone service does not work, it is usually a result of the service line to your house being cut. Bell installs these service lines just under the sod and they usually get cut during the construction stages.

Please notify a staff member on site if your phone is not working and we will contact Bell for repairs. With your assistance we will strive to make this time as convenient as possible. If you have concerns or need more information or just wish to discuss this project, please contact the undersigned at 705-424-9770 ext. 135 and someone will be in touch with you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Michael Mikael, P.Eng.
Manager of Public Works

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