NOTICE - Essa is Undertaking a Transportation and Trails Master Plan & Automated Speed Camera Enforcement

Under Council direction, the Township of Essa is currently undertaking a Transportation and Trails Master Plan and working with a 3rd party company to develop an Automated Speed Enforcement Program (Photo Radar Cameras) to be implemented in 2023 in Community Safety Zones and School Zones to further enforce posted speed limits and help to make our communities safer. Community Safety Zones are currently being reviewed to be expanded further based on areas of concern and discussion with OPP. 

The Township will be conducting several Public Meetings in the near future to allow for public input and to ensure that all voices are heard for both projects. Public meetings dates and locations will be posted on the Township website and social media platforms 2 weeks in advance for each proposed meeting.

Major deliverables for the Transportation and Trails Master Plan are as follows:

  • New Traffic Calming Measures and policy across the Township
  • Speed limit reduction review across the Township (speed reduction / speed increase)
  • Future road network analysis based on 25 year growth, future traffic operations evaluation, identifying improvements to the road network, growth review, identifying improvements to the multi-modal and active transportation network.
  • Review growth and provide recommendations for new trails, trails networks, and parkland based on consultation with the Public.

With your input in the public meetings, we will strive to enhance our roads and trails network and make our communities safer.

If you have concerns or need more information, or wish to discuss this project, please contact the undersigned at 705-424-9917 ext. 135.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and input.

Michael Mikael, P.Eng.
Manager of Public Works

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