Proclamation – Designate the Month of February, 2024 as “Black History Month”

Proclamation – Designate the Month of February, 2024 as “Black History Month”

WHEREAS the celebration of Black History Month originates from the U.S. Professor Carter G. Woodson’s 1926 declaration of Negro History Week, a week in February which marked the birthdates of civil rights activists Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, and

WHEREAS in 1976, the Toronto City Council declared February as Black History Month. National recognition occurred on December 14, 1995, when the House of Commons unanimously agreed to a motion presented by the Honourable Jean Augustine to recognize February as Black History Month; and

WHEREAS Black History Month sought to level the imbalance in historical perspective and has become an important part of multicultural and antiracism programs; and

WHEREAS Black History Month in Canada is essential since it educates Canadians.  Few Canadians know that slavery once existed in Canada, or that many of the British Loyalists who came here after the American Revolution were Black.  Black History Month recognizes the important sacrifices and contributions of Black people to the development of Canada and the world.  Racial discrimination and intolerance is on the rise, it is time for good people to help raise awareness and show their support of the fight against racial discrimination;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the Township of Essa hereby proclaims the month of February, 2024, as “Black History Month” in our community, and encourages all citizens to participate in educational activities related to and honour the significant role that Black people, both past and present, have played in shaping the Township of Essa and its values.

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