ASE Camera Locations

In accordance with s. 205.1(1) of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, ASE cameras are permitted to be installed:

  • in designated Community Safety Zones where the speed limit is less than 80 km/h
  • in designated School Zones

"Municipal Speed Camera Coming Soon" signage will be posted for 90 days prior to the camera going live. 

Following the 90 day warning period, "Municipal Speed Cameras In Use" signage will be posted.  At this point, the ASE cameras are live and will commence capturing data of vehicles driving in excess of the posted speed limit. 

Choosing Locations for ASE Cameras

As part of the Transportation Master Plan, the municipality has identified community safety zones and has lowered speed limits on some roads across the municipality in an effort to make streets safer for motorists and pedestrians alike.

The location for each ASE camera is prioritized using a data-driven approach that considers the severity of speeding in the area and other factors such as traffic volumes, collision history and site suitability.

Phase 1 ASE Cameras

Following the 90 day warning period, ASE cameras will be rotated between the following designated community safety zones:

  • 25th Sideroad - between 9th Line and 10th Line - LIVE as of January 1, 2024 - Certificate of Accuracy
  • 5th Line - between 30th Sideroad and County Road 90 - LIVE as of January 14, 2024 - Certificate of Accuracy
  • Denney Drive - from Murphy Road to a point 500 m south of County Road 21
  • 20th Sideroad - from 450 m west of 9th Line to 300 m east of 9th Line
  • Centre Street - from 5th Line to Stringer Avenue

Interactive Map of ASE Cameras

The Automated Speed Enforcement pilot program for Essa Township will be a valuable tool to assist with improving traffic safety for its residents and commuters that travel through the area. Speed cameras will allow traffic officers to focus elsewhere broadening the coverage area for enforcement activities. Traffic complaints are one of Nottawasaga OPP’s highest calls for service and a program such as this increases our ability to respond. This pilot project is not about revenues generated. Its sole purpose is to slow drivers down and ensuring that everyone gets to their destination safely. With our partners at Global Traffic Group, I am confident that this will be a success and impact speeds on Essa Township roadways.
Former Traffic Sargeant Eric Steele - Nottawasaga Traffic Enforcement Unit
Former Chair - Essa Traffic Advisory Committee
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