Snow Removal

Snow Removal

The Township of Essa is committed to providing a high level of plowing services to remove snow from municipal roads during the winter season.  As such, roads are plowed based on priority, and sand and salt are used to prevent slippery conditions.

Plowing Priority

Major roads (primary and secondary roads) are plowed first so emergency vehicles can safely pass.  Smaller roads (local streets) are plowed afterwards.

Primary roads are those with the highest speeds and greatest volumes of traffic.  

Secondary roads are roads with less traffic and usually connect residential roads to primary roads.

Road Responsibilities

The Township of Essa is responsible for clearing snow and ice from local roads under its jurisdiction including 258 kilometres of urban and rural roads and 29 kilometres of sidewalks.

The County of Simcoe is responsible for clearing snow from roads under its jurisdiction.  These roads include:

  • Mill Street/Highway 90
  • Brentwood Road
  • County Roads 56, 15, 10, 21, and 27
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