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Release - Devestating Fire in Essa Township

August 09, 2022

“Thank you to all the Fire Departments providing Mutual Aid, Emergency Services and the farming community that helped organize the trailers to get the surviving cattle to safety. We thank all the businesses and residents who were kind to provide drinks and food to those fighting the fire in unbelievable hot temperatures. We are blessed with all the help from our neighbouring municipalities, cities and a far” has stated Essa Mayor, Sandie Macdonald.

Notice of Preliminary Investigation

August 04, 2022

This notice is to advise that the Township will be conducting a Preliminary Investigation on the gravel section of the following roads: 8th Line from the 5th Sideroad to the 10th Sideroad 9th Line from County Road 21 to the 10th Sideroad 11th Line from County Road 21 to the 20th Sideroad

Release - Vandalism in Essa is Costly

July 12, 2022

The Township of Essa has been the victim to several incidents of vandalism as of late which is turning out to be costly to taxpayers. Vandals have most recently marked graffiti at the side of outdoor arenas and on park equipment at three parks within Angus, as well as slashed a tent that was set up for the Canada Day celebrations at Community Park.

Release - Popular secondary suites program creates affordable rentals across the region

June 29, 2022

The County of Simcoe reminds residents of its popular secondary suites program, which adds critical affordable rentals across the region. This program provides nearly $1 million in forgivable loans annually across the County of Simcoe to homeowners who wish to create affordable rental secondary suites in their homes or garden suites.

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