Engineering Design Standards

The Township of Essa's Engineering Design Standards and Specifications Manual, including the Essa Standard Drawings (“the Manual with Standard Drawings”) is intended as a guideline to:
   i. provide a good engineering basis for subdivision design;
   ii. establish a uniform criterion of minimum standards; and
   iii. improve processing of subdivision plans and agreements in the Township of Essa.

Technological or economical changes which improve or maintain the quality of the design will be considered at the Township’s discretion.

The Manual with Standard Drawings is considered a living document subject to regular review such that revisions and updates will be made from time to time at the Township’s discretion. It is the responsibility of the Developer and / or Consulting Engineer to obtain and use the latest version available at the time of subdivision design.

It is understood that the Manual with Standard Drawings may be referred to as a schedule in a subdivision agreement and that the current revision of the standards are then considered to be part of the agreement.

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