Fence Permits

Are you looking to erect a fence around your property? Please be aware that you are required to obtain a fence permit before installing a fence. 

Please note that the Township does not become involved in disputes between neighbours regarding fences on private property and/or property lines. This is a civil matter and is not governed by the municipality.

Apply for a Permit

You need to complete and submit a Building Permit Application in order to build a fence on your property. 

Applicants are required to provide the Building Department with two hard copies of ALL documents as well as electronic copies of all documents.  Electronic applications and subsequent documentation can be sent by email to building@essatownship.on.ca.

Building Permit Checklist

Please make sure to include the following information with your application.  

  • Online Fence Permit Application (If you require the Fence Permit Application in a different format, please contact the Building Department.
  • Site Plan (fully dimensioned) indicating the location of the fence and any corners (daylighting triangles must be maintained), as well as the location of building services (gas, water and electrical meters). **These services MUST NOT be enclosed by a fence.
  • Materials to be used for the construction of the fence (ie: chain link, wood, etc.)
  • Final Lot Grading (this is required where your property is located in a subdivision; Confirm with the Building Department that your property has final lot grading).  


Building Permit Fees vary and are dependent on the scope of your building or renovation project.  We will calculate all building permit fees after reviewing the application.  You will not be issued a building permit until you have paid all permit fees and obtained all necessary approvals.

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