Lot Grading and Drainage

Lot Grading & Drainage Permits



Lot Grading Plans are drawings that show existing and proposed topography of a lot and may include:

  • Setbacks from all property Lines.
  • Footprints of existing and proposed structures (home, garage, etc.) 
  • Location of existing and proposed well and septic systems.
  • Roof and surface drainage details and provisions.
  • Stormwater management measures such as swales.

Geotechnical Report describing soil types and conditions for proposed buildings including soil load bearing details (if applicable).

Qualified persons to produce Lot Grading Plans include Professional Engineers

Lot Grading Plans are required when constructing a building, installing a Septic system, inground pool, driveways, performing fill activities, and landscaping (i.e., patios, sidewalks, flat work in general) when there is a possibility of drainage from the lot adversely affecting surrounding properties. Please consult with the Township prior to starting any work.

At Essa township, to avoid future problems with drainage that may cause ingress of water below structures such as in basements and adverse effects onto neighboring properties including public lands.

Sidewalks must be kept free of runoff (surface drainage) from properties as slippery conditions may result from algae and ice. Accidents attributed to runoff from a property may have serious consequences to owners of properties from which the runoff drainage originates.

Lot Grading Plans will be evaluated when any construction is proposed by Engineering services and the Building Department. Approvals will be provided where appropriate, however, there may be requests for additional documentation such as a Final Lot Grading Plan. 

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