Septic Systems

People applying for Septic System Permits are required to complete a Building Permit Application which may be printed from the Forms section of the website or picked up at the Administration Centre on the lower level of the building.  Please note that you will require the front page of the regular Building Permit Application to be filled out in full and the Septic Information Permit also.  A qualified person is required to design the system unless the exceptions noted on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website are met.  A "T" time of the soil (a time determined for the type of soil your septic bed will rest upon) will be required at the time of submission, with a sketch showing the layout and cross section of the design of the septic system.  A test hole should be provided prior to submission of the application to allow the inspectors to see the native material and the ground water level.

Building Permit Checklist

Electronic applications and subsequent documentation can be sent by email to

Please make sure to include the following information with your application: 

  • Building Permit Application to Construct or Demolish , including:
    • Schedule 1 Designer Information
    • Schedule 2 Installer Information
  • Septic Information Form
  • Geotechnical Report (soil analysis) to include:
    • T-Time (a time determined for the type of soil the septic bed will rest upon)
    • Test Hole data to verify the location of water table and bedrock
  • Site Plan noting the location of the septic tank, septic, structures, property lines, well(s), neighbouring wells and types, water ways, ponds and lakes
  • Layout of the septic system
  • Cross Section and elevation of the septic from the existing grade
  • letter of authorization (if applicable)
  • applicable law approvals



Building Permit Fees vary and are dependent on the scope of your building or renovation project.  We will calculate all building permit fees after reviewing the application.  You will not be issued a building permit until you have paid all permit fees and obtained all necessary approvals.

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